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We have 49 stables here at Sandfield, some of them are in barns and others are outside.  It’s important for some horses that they live in the right stable, some may like a view, some like company around them and some are happy to be on their own. 


There is a 5 bay horse walker which is used to exercise all the horses every day.  It is extremely useful when you are starting off getting them fit after holidays or if you have one coming back from injury that needs to be in controlled exercise.


 The lunge ring is mainly used for breaking in and riding away youngsters and when we are starting the older horses off back in work.   It is also a great place to let one loose to have a roll and a play if it’s too wet to turn them out in the field. 


Our gallops are a two and a half furlong circle with a four furlong hill adjoining the circle.  Its surface is made from Fibrelok sports fibre which provides excellent cushioning for the horses to work on.   If we want to give one a gallop up some grass we also have access to Langton Wold gallops which have excellent grass gallops, a 6f all weather and a 1m2f all weather gallop.


We like to make sure our horses are turned out every day when they are in training as we believe it’s good for them mentally to have a bit of a play and a pick of grass.  We have the use of three small enclosed paddocks as well as some larger ones and fields away from the yard for horses on holidays.


We also have an enclosed 60m x 40m arena that is excellent for riding away youngsters or in winter to turn out in when the weather is bad. 


A set of 2 bay starting stalls enables us to do all of the stall work training at home with the youngsters before making their race course debuts.

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