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There is nothing more exciting than watching your own horse cross the wining line in front and it's a fun hobby to share your days out with friends or family.  Whether your new to owning a racehorse or have owned racehorses in the past we have a variety of options to suit your needs.

The main type of ownership is sole ownership which basically means you as the sole owner of the horse will receive complimentary badges to the races on the day your horse runs, feedback from the jockey and trainer and all the owners’ prize money and trophies, but all the costs of training fees will be yours alone.  If you’ve never been an owner before we can talk you through everything you need to do like registering with weatherbys and choosing your own colours.

The other type of ownership is co-ownership and is a more affordable way to be able to own a horse in training.  There are different types of co ownership which include

PARTNERSHIP: This consists of two or more people who would like to share the cost of owning a racehorse with members of the partnership being or becoming registered owners.

SYNDICATE: For a group of people coming together to own a horse, but they do not have to be registered owners.  The ownership is managed and set up by the syndicator who is responsible for the syndicate.

COMPANY: For organisations wishing to own a horse under the name of a company or business.

LEASING:  This involves ownership of a racehorse for a set period of time. Costs that the horse incurs will become the lessee responsibility for the lease period. At the end of the agreement the ownership of the horse returns to the lessor.

So with all the above options owning a racehorse could be easier than you think, whether you want to have your own horse, shares in one or more, or become part of a syndicate, see our horses for sale page or contact us for more information on ownership and pricing !

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